Best way to reheat Chicken Breast in the Microwave

The microwave is quick and convenient but it doesn't always yield the best texture for a Chicken Breast when reheating. With Meal Prepping, reheating on the go is sometimes what our options are. Take a look and try this method to avoid a rubbery and dry meal:

1. Prep the plate. Spread the chicken out on a microwave-safe plate, with the small pieces of meat at the center and the larger ones near the edge of the plate.

2. Add some moisture. Sprinkle a few teaspoons of water over the top of the chicken, then add a drizzle of olive oil—the combination will help keep the chicken moist and improve its flavor.

3. Cover and heat. Tightly cover the plate of chicken with microwave-safe plastic wrap and microwave for two minutes. Remove the plate from the microwave and check to see if the chicken is ready. If not, turn the meat before covering the plate and continuing to microwave in 30-second intervals. When the chicken is heated through to 165°F, it’s chow time.

Keeping the flavor when reheating in the Microwave

Cook in 30-second to 1-minute intervals, stirring liquids and rotating or flipping solids in between for even reheating. You'll keep oil- and butter-based sauces intact so the dish maintains the flavor you loved the first time around.

Do not just put the microwave on for minutes at a time and expect a great result at the end. It can dry things out, heat unevenly, and overheat food that didn't need so long to reheat. 

Best Method for Microwave reheating

Consider what you're reheating before putting it in the microwave. If it's last night's burger, warm up the bun and burger separately, so you don’t end up with a perfectly warmed patty and an overcooked, chewy bun. Likewise, instead of reheating a everything on a buffet plate at once, start with the densest items (say, a pork chop), and add the mac-and-cheese and collards partway through. Have a grain bowl that just needs the chill removed? Pick out the fresh herbs and raw ingredients before microwaving, then re-add them before serving to preserve the freshness of the dish.  -credit - The Food Network Online